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It was my beautiful late Father who first got me interested in SLR photography. From a young man he was a keen photographer and won many accolades for his photographs. He always developed his own images and loved seeing what would 'develop in the darkroom'. Thats how Mum and Dad met. The model for that nights camera club hadnt turned up and Dad chose Mum to model because he said she 'was the prettiest girl there!' The first photo that Dad took of Mum is proudly displayed in their house.
Dad bought a few SLR cameras over the years and saved his wages in order to buy his ultimate slr camera, a Zenit for a little more than £30.
I can picture him now with his glasses up on his forhead, one eye firmly fixed to the view finder while the other would be screwed shut, aiming the lens at at bird, one of his beloved border collie dogs or a passing yatch rigged in full sail.
As I got older, he eventually bought himself a newer film SLR Canon and he tried endlessly to make me understand the difference between iso, aperture and f stops!
As a teenager, I saved up and bought myself an Olympus SLR camera. That was my first mistake. I soon realised that Dads Canon lenses werent compatible with my camera! I couldnt afford to buy more lenses and eventually sold the camera when disaster after disaster blurred, cropped photograph was delivered back to me from the developers!
A few years before my Dad passed away and much to his delight, I bought an SLR Canon 350D. Dad was fascinated that you could actually preview the image that you had just taken and at one touch of the button, it could be deleted if it wasnt in focus.
At every opportunity, he would 'have a play' with my camera and seemed to love the idea of 'going digital' although I never actually persuaded him to get one for himself.
I longed to have a 'Daddy and Daughter' day taking photographs with him in the forest or at the pond. Anywhere my Dad was with his camera, I wanted to be with mine, but sadly, he passed away before we got this chance.
I still go to the phone wanting to ask 'what setting should I use Dad? Whats the best f stop for this Dad?' but I know he's not there to answer me.
I enrolled on a Level 1 NFCE photography course and enjoyed displaying and entering all of the photographs I'd taken under my Dads instructions. I would love to take a Level 2, but sadly this course doesn't run in my area!!
I have encouraged my two eldest Sons to become interested in SLR photography now as well, but will need to work on him to keep it up so perhaps I can pass my Dads enthusiasm down through the generations.
I dedicate this site and all my future photographs to my beloved Dad.
Mum has kept my Dads SLR cameras including the Canon and his beloved Zenit that he saved up several months wages to buy. I often get them out and can 'feel' my Dads presence when I hold them.
I Love you Dad and thank you for passing your love and enthusiasm for photography onto me. I just wish you were still here to tell me 'where I've gone wrong' and to instruct me on my photos.
Remember Dad, this is all your your fault!!! XX